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Company will guarantee for your personal information confidential, please ensure to provide true and correct information at the same time, thank you for your cooperation!

Apply Title:________ Reference:________ Code:________ Date:____ year ____ month ____day
Name Former name Nation Marital status Photos
Gender Hometown Education background Political affiliation
ID card number Id address
Contact address Tel/ Phone
Height Weight Blood Type Vision condition
Strength Computer level Foreign language level Driving level Driving     year:year
Health condition Past medical history
If used to apply our company's job before Yes No If have any friend in our company Yes No
If used to apply our company's job before (www.theworstkeptsecret.com) Advertisement Friend Business Relationship Others
Highest enducation level
University name Major Eductional system Start/End Time Any job served or reward received at school School property
Working experience
Company Job title Start/End Time Selary Job responsibility Quit reason Approver/Phone number
Family members
Relationship Name Working status Job title Contact information(address、tel)
What is your professional ethics? In your opinion, what is the most important for job? What is your career plan?
What's your knowledge, skills and expertise that are worth mentioning? Do you think what is best work and job for you?
How do you spend your spare time?
How do you know JIE drive - worm drive, gear drive, electric drive?
Can you accept frequent travel:Yes No Your family's support: Yes No Can you accept company long-distance transfer:Yes No
Expected salary: Your lowest salary standard: When can you start work: day
Emergency contact name: Emergency contact person relationship: Emergency contact person relationship:
For details, please contact:0571-82997518